SCSR Training Information

Because the SCSR is a life saver, it is important for miners to understand the protection an SCSR offers and to be trained in the use, care and proper inspection of the unit. Every user must practice proper donning procedures, understand how the device works and know his/her physical limitations.

Reference Materials and Literature

Below is a list of reference materials for proper use, care and maintenance, and inspection procedures for our SCSR. For further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Training Units

CSE SR-MP-5T 5 Minute Expectation Training Unit

The CSE SR-MP-5T 5 Minute Expectation Unit is a live training unit designed for use as a classroom-training tool to simulate the CSE SRLD Self-Contained Self-Rescuer. The SR-MP-5T accurately recreates the experience of using a SRLD also known collectively as Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (SCSR) in an emergency. Training with the SR-MP-5T will give the user a chance to experience the sensations that are common with CSE's SRLD. The SR-MP-5T has been designed to operate for 5 minutes. During this span of time, the user will experience the breathing resistance and temperature sensations that occur towards the end of the rated duration of the SCSR. The user will also have the opportunity to practice the CSE SCSR Manual Start-Up procedure. This procedure is detailed in the SRLD Training Manual, and may be needed if the oxygen bottle in the SCSR is prematurely deployed. All of these factors will help raise the user's knowledge and confidence should he or she ever be faced with a circumstance in which the SCSR must be donned.

Download the SR-MP-5T Manual