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CSE is an Award Finalist

CSE was chosen as a finalist in the Pittsburgh Business Time’s 2014 Manufacturer of the Year-Premo J. Pappafava Excellence Award.

Introducing a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL of our 140B methane monitoring system

As part of the limited time risk-free trial, we will install a complete methane monitoring system in place of your existing system for purposes of evaluation.

G4 Multigas Detector

G4 Portable Multigas Detector

The CSE G4 is a state-of-the-art portable multigas detector capable of measuring up to 4 gases simultaneously and continuously.

Guided by four imperatives – our Customers, our Employees, our Vendors, and our Communities – CSE Corporation is dedicated to the enrichment of worker lives through the manufacture and distribution of health / safety products for miners and non-mine companies.

SRLD Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (SCSR)

The Smallest 60-Minute Belt-Wearable Self-Contained Self-Rescuer Available Today!

The Self-Rescuer Long Duration (SRLD), self-contained, self-rescuer product from CSE features QuickStart Technology, which provides up to 40% faster oxygen generation in the first minutes, supplying more oxygen when it’s needed most. Approved by NIOSH and MSHA, the state-of-the-art SRLD is the smallest and lightest, most advanced one-hour belt wearable SCSR available today.

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Recent News & Media

It has come to our attention that repairs of our 140B Methane Monitor and 102 Methanometer are being conducted by other companies that are not authorized to do so. Read More
RUFF CREEK — A dozen or so Pennsylvania state mine inspectors gathered to hear the situation: "Art Vandelay," the midnight shift mine inspector, had lost contact with those on the surface after radioing in that he noticed smoke at the front end of a mined-out long wall panel. Read More
CSE recently had the opportunity to visit and work with students at two different Universities, The University of Arizona and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Representatives from CSE gave a lecture and discussion about the importance of effective hands-on SCSR training for miners. Read More
CSE was chosen as a finalist in the Pittsburgh Business Time’s 2014 Manufacturer of the Year-Premo J. Pappafava Excellence Award. An awards dinner was held on December 4, 2014 Read More
From October 22nd -24th, 2014, Chuck Edwards, Scott Shearer, Jr., and Nick Manis attended the annual joint meeting of the Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America (PCMIA) and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME). Read More
Scott Shearer Jr. presented The Importance of "Why" for Effective Training: Techniques in SCSR Training at several events recently; the MTA (Mine Trainers Association) Conference in Mt. Vernon, IL on September 5, 2014 and the 2014 TRAM/National Mine Instructors Seminar held at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beaver, WV on October 16, 2014. Read More
Published in: Sharpe’s Point: On Mine Safety, Sharpe Media – The clock is ticking on the service life of closed circuit escape respirators (CCERs) used in underground mining, and no game plan has been devised to deal with the impending situation. Read More

Xerebrus Flare-XM-1 Cordless Cap Lamp MSHA Approved

Flare-XM-1 Cordless Cap Lamp MSHA Approved

The Flare-XM-1 is a rugged cordless cap lamp with the latest Lithium battery technology and high-power LED.

View MSHA Approval (PDF)
Xerebrus Lighting Products