CSE Products

Methane Monitors

CSE 140B Series continuous-display methane monitoring systems keep you constantly aware of methane concentrations at the face. As levels increase, you adjust the mining rate or ventilation. If shutdown does occur, power is restored automatically as soon as levels fall below 1.8%*. CSE 140B: helps reduce unnecessary downtime.

For Your Application

140B is available in versions for nearly every mining application, including DC power. Model 140B, with 1/2" LED display, is designed for manned equipment. Model 140B-LD, with large, 2" display, is for remote-control equipment. Model 140B-LD Auxiliary, which operates off the main LD control unit, allows remote operators to read methane levels from additional angles.

Ruggedly Built

The LED displays and solid-state design mean 140B has no delicate movements or filaments to damage. Control units and detector assemblies are housed in stainless steel, tightly sealed against water. The power supply's transient voltage protection withstands up to 25,000 peak amps for up to 20 microseconds. It can survive voltage sags of 40% or more.

The detector plug simplifies maintenance and resists dust and moisture. The rugged, armored cable protects against damage caused by rock falls and pinch points.

Easy to Maintain

The only adjustments required to calibrate the 140B system are "Zero" and "Span". Self testing is initiated automatically on "Power Up", and is available on demand via a panel-mounted switch. A "Low Alarm" indicator lights when methane levels exceed 1%*; "High Alarm" illuminates and power to the machine shuts off when levels exceed 2%*.

*Lower alarm points can be set at the factory upon request.