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Coal Mine Inspectors Experience SCSR Training Units During Simulated Mine Explosion

Officials with CSE Corporation assisted the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training in conducting a mine safety training exercise for coal mine inspectors from Danville and Welch March 30 at MSHA's National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beckley, W.Va.

CSE representatives introduced the SR-100 self-contained self-rescuer (SCSR), including proper donning procedures and care instructions, to the group of about 30 mine inspectors. Then they demonstrated the SR-T, which is the first and only realistic training model that allows miners to go through the full, step-by-step process of donning an SCSR.

Once the mine inspectors were familiarized with the equipment, they each practiced donning the SR-T and worked to escape a simulated coal mine that had been darkened, barricaded and filled with dense smoke throughout.
According to CSE representative Don Pannell, this group was only the third in the nation to be trained on the SR-T and experience first-hand the practicality of this equipment in a realistic setting.

"This live training is so important. If you've been through a training like this, then you know how to do it and you are confident that you can do it if you find yourself in a real-life situation, such as a coal mine explosion."

Pannell said, "Once the miners had completed their exercise, many expressed overall satisfaction with the SR-T. I was glad to hear one miner say how impressed he was with the unit, namely in the low level of its breathing resistance and temperature."