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Don't Get Stuck With The Wrong Pouch

CSE has become aware of a recent event involving the insertion of a CSE SCSR into a pouch manufactured by another company. An operator provided CSE with a SCSR that could not be extracted from its pouch. The identity of the manufacturer of the pouch was not apparent on its face.

CSE provides this safety alert to all safety departments, trainers and miners: While the SRLD does not have an “approved” pouch, not all SCSR pouches perform consistently over time to both protect and provide easy access to your SRLD or SR-100. CSE manufactures pouches designed specifically to carry the SR-100 and SRLD. Pouches made by other companies may not perform to the same standard. When CSE was shown a Self-Rescuer Long Duration that was kept in a pouch NOT made by CSE, the pouch had shrunk so tightly around the rescuer that the SRLD could not be removed. Below are photographs that illustrate the difference between acceptable and unacceptable pouches.

CSE wants to remind everyone about the importance of your pre-shift, visual inspection. Start by removing the SCSR from its pouch. If the SCSR does not easily glide out of the pouch, notify your supervisor, or appropriate personnel, to request another. This critical, daily, pre-shift inspection will ensure that your SCSR is accessible and in working condition when you need it most.

No other pouch manufacturer has contacted CSE about designing or testing materials to use, which perform at the same level as a CSE pouch. Don’t get stuck with the wrong pouch. Carry CSE pouches to be sure you can access your SCSR.

Should you have questions about how to perform the daily visual inspections, ask about the Inspection Manual, Daily Inspection poster, or training class provided by CSE Training Services. If you have any information or concerns regarding the performance of non-CSE pouches, or would like to order new pouches, please contact your local rep or call 1-800-245-2224.

Yours in safety,

CSE Corporation

The green circle highlights a CSE pouch that has slack to allow easy access to the SCSR.

The red circle highlights a pouch which is too tight.

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