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SR-100 User Notice

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In cooperation with MSHA and NIOSH, CSE has extended the customer notification originally announced in February, to inform all SR-100 customers of a potential issue with the oxygen cylinder used to automatically start the unit. It is important to note that this is not because more affected units have been found. Rather, it is because our investigations to date have not yet identified the root cause of the issue. Therefore, to be as thorough, complete and cautious as possible, we are voluntarily expanding the user notice to include all units in the field, pending completion of the investigation.

As we announced in February, our initial intent was to remove all potentially affected units from field, even while the investigation was ongoing. However, after conferring with federal agencies and talking with our customers, it became clear that the best course of action would be to provide instructions for users to follow in the unlikely event a unit does not start automatically as designed, including refresher training on how units may be manually started. This will ensure that units are available in necessary quantities until the investigation is resolved.

The SR-100 is the only product on the market equipped with both automatic and manual start capabilities. Users have been reminded that, if for any reason, the automatic start is not effective; their first recourse is to don another unit, if one is readily available. If a second unit is not readily available, the manual start should be used. We have conducted extensive training with our customers on how to initiate the unit’s manual start. We also have distributed instruction manuals and made our managers available to all of our customers to explain how to best conduct training on initiation of the manual start.

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