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CON-SPACE Communications

CON-SPACE Communications manufactures the world's foremost technical search gear: the Delsar Life Detector, the SearchCam 3000, CON-SPACE Radio Gear and CON-SPACE Hardline Rescue Kits – all created to seek out and preserve lives. CON-SPACE Communications started in 1991 by responding to the needs of our customers and people working in extreme hazardous environments.

The leader in Mine Rescue Communication, CON-SPACE MSHA approved Mine Rescue Kits have been designed to give the rescue team two-way communications to each member of a mine rescue team. The system is designed to provide full duplex voice communication for one attendant and two entrants, but can be expanded to five entrants. Kits come with 1000 feet of communications cable that can be quickly deployed and allow Rescuers to fan out 10 to 15 feet in either direction and still maintain voice communication.

Features include:

  • Intrinsically Safe / MSHA Approved
  • Dust Tight
  • Waterproof
  • Reliable, Rugged
  • Waterproof
  • Private Network
  • 400 Hours of Battery Life
  • 1000 Feet of Cable (additional cable may be added for distances up to 3000 feet)
  • Hands Free / Full Duplex Communication