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Davis Anemometers

America's first and finest precision vane type anemometers are used to measure the air speed or volume of air from ducts, flues, fans, shafts, fume hoods, etc. and for heating, ventilation and air conditioning tests and survey work. Numerous government agencies, mines, industrial plants, laboratories, colleges, contractors, etc. use Davis Vane Anemometers. This range of first class hand anemometers has wide appeal, providing the simplest and most reliable measurement of air movement. They are rugged and sensitive, yet compact and easy to operate. All Davis vane anemometers are manufactured, assembled and calibrated in the U.S.A.

A sensitive balanced vane wheel rotates by responding to the air flow. Through an intermediate clock-like mechanical movement, the rotations are passed to an indicator. Twisted vane arms, always a source of unreliability because of their tendency to change calibration, have been abandoned and straight tubular spokes, securely fastened in an adjustable hub, have taken their place. The movements are individually assembled and the anemometers are calibrated to a standard checked by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). All Davis anemometers have long life expectancy with lasting accuracy. Virtually nothing can wear out and no servicing or maintenance should be required under normal use.

PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer

The PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer is a second-generation battery-powered electronic anemometer for use in underground mining. The PMA-2008 makes taking ventilation readings even easier then before.

Enhancements make the PMA-2008 Anemometer better. Audible signal lets you know when the 60-second count has started, counting and ends. The LCD display can be programmed to read in metric mode in seconds.

  • Simple Two-Push Button Control – Rubber-covered push buttons on the PMA-2008 allow you to switch between two modes, and start and stop readings. An instantaneous, feet-per-minute readout can be selected, or a timed 60-second count of feet-of-air. The PMA-2008 Anemometer can also be user programmed to read in metric.
  • Leave Your Wristwatch On Top – The PMA-2008 includes a 60-second count of feet-of-air. Simply walk the PMA-2008 across the entry and it automatically stops counting feet-of-air after 60 seconds. The count can be stopped for a partial reading. An audible alarm informs you when the count starts, stops and at 15-second intervals.
  • Not Just Dustproof–Waterproof – The PMA-2008 will hold up in the mining environment. The unit can be submerged in water and, if dropped into a puddle or sump, will float.
  • Quick Spot Checks – With the PMA-2008 in the instantaneous feet-per-minute mode, you can check air speeds behind line curtains, on longwall faces, over conveyor belts, anywhere you need to verify airflow.
  • No Calibration – There are no adjustments or calibration required with the PMA-2008. Accuracy of the readings is dependent on a user replaceable impeller. After approximately 6 months of use, the impeller assembly is slid out of the PMA-2008 housing and a new one is inserted in seconds. This assures precise readings with the PMA-2008.
  • Take Your Leather Pouch Off Your Tool Belt – Every PMA-2008 Pocket Anemometer comes with its own storage case and braided lanyard. A padded nylon carrying case with room for a replacement battery and impeller is an available option. Free up some space on your tool belt and put your old anemometer and leather pouch in the mining museum!