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SRLD – A Revolutionary Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (SCSR)

Featuring QuickStart Technology™

The introduction of the Self-Rescuer Long Duration (SRLD) follows extensive efforts by CSE to incorporate customer feedback on respirator products, as well as advanced technological improvements for miner safety.

Advanced Technology in a Self-Contained Lightweight Package

The state-of-the-art SRLD is the smallest and lightest, most advanced one-hour belt-wearable SCSR available today. The SRLD self-contained self-rescuer offers a 40% faster production of oxygen at the startup, as well as a 10% total increase in oxygen production. In other words, the SRLD produces more oxygen more quickly to the miners who need it.

The SRLD is designed so that miners will not be required to learn new donning techniques, which makes integration of the SRLD into the field a seamless experience.

How the SRLD Works:

The SRLD provides the highest level of respiratory protection for workers who must perform duties in potentially dangerous conditions. The SRLD is not a traditional oxygen tank. Rather, the SRLD uses advanced technology by recycling the exhaled breath. It chemically removes carbon dioxide while replenishing the oxygen based on the user’s demand or work rate. The SRLD utilizes an effective bi-directional chemical canister system, where the exhaled breath moves through the carbon dioxide absorption/oxygen generation canister twice, before the oxygen returns to the user.

This innovative technology is employed in mining, tunneling, the armed forces, chemical plants, pulp/paper plants, water treatment plants, and confined space entry industries where immediate reliable access to breathable oxygen can make all the difference.

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