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Coal Miners Experience SR-100 Training Units as Part of Mine Safety Training Exercise

Officials with Kanawha Eagle Coal and CSE Corporation conducted a mine safety training exercise for the coal company's miners February 10 at the Walker Machine Training Facility in Belle, W.Va.

It was one of the first exercises in the nation where miners practiced donning a Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (SCSR) training unit and had to escape a simulated mine that had been darkened and filled with smoke and industrial noise.

According to CSE President Scott Shearer, the training exercise employed the use of the company's SR-T, the first and only realistic training model that allows miners to go through the full, step-by-step process of donning an SCSR.

"Certainly this is a fantastic opportunity for the miners when they actually get to experience a live exercise in smoke and practice donning and wearing an SR-T. These types of exercises will help begin to change the culture in the mining industry. Realistic training and care and handling of SCSRs are the best way to immediately impact safety," Shearer said.

Bill Ellis, Kanawha Eagle's vice president of operations, said the real-life training was part of the mine's yearly re-training program and the mock mine was created to give the miners experience donning SCSRs in a realistic situation.

"We wanted to get on the forefront of this and CSE has been very good to work with. We all have a vested interest in this. There's not a pound of coal worth getting anybody hurt or killed for," said Ellis. "We want these people to be as comfortable with these units as we can. I think you'll see more of this and I would like to see it on a more global scale. It would be great to have a facility that we can use like this for the industry to train these folks. I'm sure you'll see more and more of that as we go along."