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CSE Introduces a New Initiative to Mitigate Unauthorized Repairs

February 2, 2015

Valued Customer,

It has come to our attention that repairs of our 140B Methane Monitor and 102 Methanometer are being conducted by other companies that are not authorized to do so. We have seen systems that have non-factory parts and components, and would like your assistance in eliminating this practice. Our products are proprietary and our components, including the sensors, are manufactured by us and/or to our proprietary specifications. They cannot be reliably repaired with off-the-shelf parts.

Unauthorized repair practices put your operation at unnecessary risk. Both the 140B and 102 are directly responsible for both coal production and keeping miners safe. Furthermore, they must continuously meet performance and safety standards set and enforced by MSHA and state agencies. In order to meet these standards and to guarantee accuracy and reliability, MSHA holds both CSE and operators responsible for keeping both the 140B and 102 working as approved. This includes proper servicing, which can only be performed by CSE.

CSE has no authorized third-party repair centers – all repairs are conducted in-house by trained technicians. We do, however, have authorized partners that are permitted to pick up components in need of repair, and send them directly to CSE for servicing. Please ensure that your products are being sent to CSE for repair.

In order to mitigate the number of unauthorized repairs, we will be starting a new initiative here at CSE to provide assurance to our customers that all repairs are authentic. Beginning on February 17, 2015, we will be attaching a CSE tamperproof repair tag to the following repaired items:

  • 140B Detectors
  • 140B Control Units
  • 140B Power Supplies
  • 140B XP Boxes
  • 140B IR Remotes
  • 102 Methanometers
  • 102LD Methanometers
  • ASMDs
  • ASMD Spot Checkers


The tamper-proof tags are blue with white lettering that says “CSE CERTIFIED REPAIR”. On the back of the tag, there will be a sticker that is initialed by both the repair technician and quality assurance. Please see detailed photos of the tags (left) and also Page 2 for repaired products with the tags attached. This tag MUST be removed and discarded prior to use of each item.

We hope you understand that our motivation to ensure that our products are properly repaired reflects our commitment to safety excellence and to keeping miners safe.

Yours in safety,

CSE Corporation

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