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How to Read the SRLD Temperature Indicator

CSE provides free training through its "Train the Trainer" program, which covers, in detail, how to use and inspect the SRLD. For those personnel who have not yet completed this class, CSE is providing additional examples of SRLD temperature indicators that have been exposed to excessive heat. This is not intended as a replacement to training, but as an additional resource. Please see the following information as the SRLD temperature indicator has been designed to easily and quickly identify if the unit has been exposed to excessive heat.

Understanding the Temperature Indicator:

Inside the temperature indicator is a small temperature-sensitive dye pack covered by a layer of white fiber.

  • If the SRLD is exposed to temperatures higher than 150° F, the dye pack will melt and stain the white fiber layer red. If the indicator shows any bright, obvious red, and only bright obvious red (see examples below), the SRLD fails inspection. Remove it from service.

Bad Temperature Indicators

A temperature indicator that shows any of these bright, obvious red indications tells you the SCSR may have been exposed to damaging heat. Remove from service.

  • Under safe, normal working temperatures, the un-melted dye pack may be faintly visible through the white fiber layer. If the indicator is all white, or shows any color other than bright, obvious red, (any shade of pink is NOT red) the SRLD is still OK. It will pass a daily inspection.

Safety Through Training:

While the SRLD temperature indicator is an improved feature and is much easier to read and interpret, there are some misconceptions and points of confusion that have been raised. To ensure the users of the SRLD are well trained, CSE developed a training program called, "Train the Trainer." This program was developed to provide an in-depth understanding of the SRLD and how to practice for its potential use in an emergency. One of the many topics covered in the “Train the Trainer” course is how to inspect the SRLD, including how to correctly read the temperature indicator.

The first recommendation to fully and accurately understanding the SRLD, including the temperature indicator, is to participate in the "Train the Trainer" class. There is no substitute for great training done on a frequent basis, especially since the "Train the Trainer" course is offered free of charge. CSE strongly encourages any safety personnel (private or public) who may use, inspect, or train others on the SRLD to enroll in this program.

If you would like to develop a complete understanding of the SRLD, as well as ways to improve the training you currently provide, contact a CSE representative today. The training is free, and brought to your location for your convenience. Call 1-800-245-2224 for more information.

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