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News & Media Information: 2013

Customer Notice-Reminder: SR-100 Units are No Longer Certified for Use

The December 31, 2013 phase-out deadline established by MSHA and NIOSH has now passed. The SR-100 is no longer certified for use, and no SR-100s should remain in any mine, be carried or be stored. We are pleased to have provided support on this phase-out, and we continue to meet our customers’ SCSR needs with our latest self-rescuer, the SRLD.

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How to Read the SRLD Temperature Indicator

CSE provides free training through its "Train the Trainer" program, which covers, in detail, how to use and inspect the SRLD. For those personnel who have not yet completed this class, CSE is providing additional examples of SRLD temperature indicators that have been exposed to excessive heat. This is not intended as a replacement to training, but as an additional resource. Please see the following information as the SRLD temperature indicator has been designed to easily and quickly identify if the unit has been exposed to excessive heat.

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SR-D Retrofit Kit Now Available

CSE Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new safety accessory product, the SR-D Retrofit Kit, which is now available for purchase! This new kit allows mines and mine training facilities to quickly and easily update their previously purchased SR-D training units to match the features of the new SRLD SCSR.

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CSE: Training Essential to Success of Mine Safety Device

CSE Corporation was recently featured in an article written by reporter Taylor Kuykendall from The State Journal, a business newspaper in West Virginia. The article highlights the efforts of CSE to improve training on Self-Contained Self-Rescuers.

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Don't Get Stuck With The Wrong Pouch

CSE has become aware of a recent event involving the insertion of a CSE SCSR into a pouch manufactured by another company. An operator provided CSE with a SCSR that could not be extracted from its pouch. The identity of the manufacturer of the pouch was not apparent on its face.

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Customer Notice - Reminder Phase Out SR-100 Units

Many customers have now replaced SR-100s with the new CSE SRLD in advance of the December 31, 2013 phase-out deadline established by MSHA and NIOSH. CSE employees are working to ensure miners are fully protected with the technologically advanced SRLD, as well as to minimize the impact on our customers' operations.

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