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Statement from CSE regarding MSHA / NIOSH user notice for SR-100

April 26, 2012

We at CSE take our responsibility very seriously and have worked with the regulatory agencies regarding this matter. During this process, we have been upfront, transparent and maintained open lines of communication, not only with MSHA and NIOSH, but with our customers as well.

We have dedicated all of our resources to solve any concerns during the course of the inquiry. We are fully prepared to meet our customers' needs for SCSRs within the timeline set by the government.

We have complete confidence in all of the products we produce and want our customers to know that we are prepared to support their needs during this time of orderly transition and in the future. CSE is now, and has always been, dedicated to miner safety, and we want to ensure that every miner has the proper safety equipment.

Previously released MSHA investigative reports document at least 30 miners have been saved from critical situations by donning the CSE SR-100 in the last decade. This includes miners from Sago and UBB.

It is important to note, CSE voluntarily ceased production of the SR-100 when the company's internal quality control process identified a possible issue with the oxygen cylinder.

We are in the process of communicating our action plan to each of our customers and we will comply with all required timelines set by the government. We will continue to support our customers throughout the mining and non-mining industries.