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CSE is a renowned global leader in the development and production of the self-contained self-rescuer and we only sell first quality products to our customers worldwide.

Once CSE takes custody of your SR-100, CSE will ensure that no one can ever use it. No reconditioning. No Resale. Period. Our company is built on a foundation of safety. We do the right thing because it is an investment in the safety of our miners. We never have, nor will we, sell a second-hand or pre-owned unit in any market.

Our process for all returned units is deliberate and specific.

  • All unit Identification Numbers are recorded.
  • All units are broken down and destroyed.
  • Elements including the Dust and Heat Shields, goggles, relief valve, Oxygen cylinder, breathing bag and hose are all properly disposed.
  • The stripped SCSR is provided to a waste management vendor for appropriate disposal of the internal chemical.

If not done properly, the retrieval and disposal process could be hazardous to your employees, CSE employees, and the environment. CSE has the facilities dedicated to ensuring this work is done safely. For this reason, customers are strongly encouraged to return all SR-100s to CSE for disposal. For ease of return, CSE representatives are available to retrieve units personally.

If customers have specific questions about our processes, we encourage you to reach out to your sales manager. To reach your sales manager, please call 800-245-2224.