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CSE: Setting the Record Straight

May 23, 2012

CSE Corporation's Scott Shearer, Sr. released the following statement regarding the current events surrounding the SR-100 phase out:

For more than forty years, CSE Corporation has dedicated itself to one thing – miner safety. Everything we do, every product we create, and every moment we dedicate to training is done with the goal of making the mining industry safer. It is this dedication that has allowed CSE to become a world leader in Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (SCSR) development and technology.

In the past 10 years alone, MSHA has reported CSE rescuer devices have been responsible for saving more than 30 individuals. For this reason, CSE has continued to make significant strides in improving both the technology and design of the rescuers available to the mining industry. This has been especially true in the past decade.

Unfortunately, our successes rarely get reported. Recently, there has been widespread misreporting of the events surrounding the Sago Mine disaster. Following the events of Sago, some have tried to blame the SR-100 for the tragic deaths at the mine. These reports are untrue. The independent investigation cited problems with training and the number of rescuers available, but not with any self-rescuer. In fact, successful deployment of the SR-100 helped enable eight miners to escape the dangerous events at Sago.

Nonetheless, we have carried on with our mission to provide the best mine safety equipment on the market. We have extensively re-evaluated and sought new suppliers to make our new line of SCSRs, the SRLD — a true domestic-based product. We intentionally sought a new vendor to produce the starter-oxygen component for the SRLD and contracted with the leading manufacturer of small oxygen cylinders which supplies other organizations with exacting standards, such as the US Air Force, US Coast Guard, and NASA.

Understanding the importance of effective training, we made sure that the SRLD was accompanied by a detailed training program that includes training videos and easy to follow printed, "on board" instructions. This is supported by hands-on assistance of more than a dozen field sales representatives and service professionals.

Right now, the CSE line of rescuer products remains the preferred belt-wearable, one hour rescuer available on the market and thus, the preferred product to help companies remain truly compliant.

We pride ourselves in being the leader in mine safety equipment with pioneering the latest technology. But these developments mean little if they are not set upon a strong foundation. Safety is the foundation of this company. It drives every decision we make. We will always look for ways to continue to make mines safer for workers. From the steps we are taking to assist our customers with the orderly phase-out of the SR-100 to our development, production and delivery of the SRLD and our comprehensive training package, we are invested in the effort to further improve mine safety. We are a partner — for life.

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