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CSE Announces Key Initiatives Aimed at Advancing the Production and Delivery of the Self-Rescuer Long Duration

May 31, 2012

CSE is pleased to announce key initiatives aimed at advancing the production and delivery of its Self-Rescuer Long Duration (SRLD) to its customers.

In order to support customer needs and to meet the orderly phase out of the SR-100 by year-end 2013, CSE has implemented the following action items:

  • Partnered with US-based suppliers to ensure the SRLD is domestically produced;
  • Increased volume requirements of every vendor to ensure escalation of production;
  • Established regional product support relationships;
  • Expanded SCSR manufacturing workforce by 10 percent; quality control by 25 percent and invested in cross training to allow flexibility in scheduling.
  • Launched a Safety & Training group to provide comprehensive training to workforce trainers and employees alike to ensure the effective use of the SRLD.

These initiatives, and more to come, will enable us to continue to support our customers throughout the mining and non-mining industries. As we increase the production of the SRLD, to meet demand, we want to assure our customers of our continued dedication by providing the highest quality products available.

Customers are encouraged to submit orders into our system queue as soon as possible. By doing so, we will add them to our production schedule and allow the opportunity for safety and training visits. To reach your sales manager, please call 800-245-2224.

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