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SR-100 User Notice

January 14, 2011

CSE has continued to investigate SR-100 units with top and bottom covers that may be difficult to remove as NIOSH reported to users in the November 5, 2010 notice. As a result of this continuing investigation and to provide for our customer's ease in removing covers on SR-100 units in the event of an emergency, CSE is offering to refit all SR-100 units that were manufactured between October 2008 and December 2008.

The users can identify the units affected from the security band marking "MFG 10-08, MFG 11-08 and MFG 12-08." This refit will apply to all units with those markings, whether they are field deployed or stored units. In addition, CSE will contact all customers who purchased units from CSE with these manufacturing dates with a letter specifying the serial numbers of the affected units. Customers may return units as follows:

  • CSE Sales force will contact customers to arrange for a day when they will be picking up units for retrofit or
  • Customers may contact CSE customer service, if they have the serial numbers of the units ready to return for retrofit, to begin an RMA and arrangements will be made to pickup and document the returns.

Although only a limited number of SR-100 units have been found to be difficult to remove, CSE would like to remind users that covers can be removed by following –

A) the measures recommended in the SR-100 User manual,
B) the methods outlined in the MSHA training video,
C) OR by following the steps stated below.

Both the SR-100 User Manual and the MSHA training video can be viewed at the CSE website:

Removal of Top and Bottom Covers of SR-100's

It has been observed recently that the top and bottom covers of some SR-100’s may on occasion require extra force for removal. Normally the covers are easily removed once the security band has been released. In the unlikely event that covers do stick, the following steps can be used:

  1. The top cover can be removed by twisting it just as you would twist off the lid of a jar.
  2. The bottom cover can be removed by standing on the security band after it has been released and pulling on the body of the unit.
  3. For covers that can not be readily removed by these actions, try the following: Hold the unit firmly in both hands and tap the top or bottom cover against a solid surface to knock the cover off.
  4. A screw driver or other tool can be used to pry off a cover. Care should be taken to not puncture or rip the breathing bag or hose when using a tool.

These procedures appear in the SR-100 User's Manual that is included in every shipment. The MSHA training video (DVD 013) also illustrates the latter three steps while donning and transferring units. Both the manual and video can now be viewed from the CSE Corporation website.

Any questions may be directed to our customer service representatives at 412-856-9200.

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