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CSE Corporation Introduces New Miner Breathing Rescue Device

February 1, 2011

CSE Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of mining rescue respirator products in the world, announced the introduction of the Self-Rescuer Long Duration (SRLD) today. The introduction of the SRLD follows extensive efforts by CSE to incorporate customer feedback on respirator products, as well as advanced technological improvements for miner safety.

The SRLD, which is in the certification and review process at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), offers a 40 percent faster production of oxygen at the start up as well as a 10 percent total increase in oxygen production. In other words, the SRLD produces more oxygen more quickly to the miners who need it.

"CSE has gone the extra mile and worked to address end-user preferences in the SRLD," said Scott Shearer, President, CSE Corporation. "This new product incorporates state-of-the-industry technology while still being belt wearable for the miner and does not require any new training for the donning procedure to be learned."

The SRLD product includes an Irreversible Seal Indicator, noting breach of water vapor or moisture, as well as a Temperature Indicator, to guide miners and users upon inspection as to what units should be removed from service.

The SRLD is designed to utilize the 3+3 donning technique so miners will not be required to learn or relearn donning techniques. Further, the ancillary items related to the unit including true anti-fog goggles and a quick-release neck strap are all included in the new SRLD product.

"We are proud to introduce a product that truly has miner safety and miner convenience in mind. The SRLD is a result of customer feedback, research and technological advancement in a piece of equipment that is vital to the mining industry."

About CSE Corporation

Established in 1969, CSE Corporation began as an environmental research company servicing the coal industry. In the mid-1970s, CSE developed the first of many noxious gas detection devices and quickly became a leader in air-quality monitoring systems. In the early 1980s, CSE introduced the first available onehour oxygen Self-Contained Self Rescuer (SCSR) when federal regulations began requiring underground miners have access to a 60-minute breathing apparatus. CSE next introduced the first belt-wearable SCSR. CSE has since become a world leader in SCSR development and technology, earning some of the most prestigious awards available in the industry. For example R&D Magazine awarded one of its prestigious R&D 100 awards to CSE for producing one of the most technologically advanced new products in the world.

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