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SR-100 User Notice

Monday, May 10, 2010

In February of this year, CSE Corporation alerted customers with SR-100s with serial numbers in a certain range that CSE is investigating a possibility that some units might receive less than optimum oxygen during the initial start-up. Through its quality control program, CSE Corporation identified an oxygen cylinder received from its supplier that presented an issue that CSE is investigating as to the potential that the breathing bag in an affected SR-100 unit might receive less than the optimum amount of oxygen necessary for full inflation, if the unit is started with the oxygen cylinder.

CSE has progressed in its investigation. Until the root cause can be identified, we must assume that the potential for start-up oxygen cylinders to fail may extend to any field deployed unit, and not just the serial numbers that were previously identified. CSE is continuing to investigate. Pending final resolution, CSE is notifying all customers of procedures to be followed if there is any question about unit activation.

If for any reason a unit does not inflate the breathing bag, the user should don another unit if one is readily available. If a second unit is not readily available, the manual start should be used.

The SR-100 primarily uses a chemical process to generate the oxygen needed for the 60 minute supply provided by the unit. There are two methods for activating the SR-100. The oxygen cylinder is designed to inflate the breathing bag when the user pulls the large fluorescent orange oxygen actuator tab while donning the SR-100. In the event the compressed oxygen starter does not activate or the oxygen vents through the mouthpiece because the plug is left out of the mouthpiece during activation, the user has an alternative start procedure available. If another unit is not readily at hand, the unit is designed to be quickly started without oxygen from the cylinder. Instructions for the manual start are detailed in the SR-100 User Manual. Instructions are also in the training materials; they are part of the required quarterly training for users.

As CSE continues to investigate, we will be contacting any customer that may have purchased a unit required for our continued research. In the meantime, any questions may be directed to our customer service representatives at 412-856-9200.

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