About CSE

Safety Committee

At CSE Corporation we are committed to designing and manufacturing safety products and services for our customers. We accomplish this by focusing on safety issues within our industry as well as our own Company. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees through the provision of proper tools and machines, the acquisition of necessary equipment to protect our employees, a broad platform of health insurance products and the utilization of the most current and best safety practices in our business operations.

We feel on-the-job safety requires active participation by employees as well as management. Since injury and illness losses from accidents are needless, costly, and preventable, CSE has established a Workplace Safety Program that will help us prevent injury and illness due to hazards. To accomplish this task, CSE has established a joint worker / management SAFETY COMMITTEE to bring workers and management together to promote safety and health in our workplace.

Our SAFETY COMMITTEE consists of employee and management representatives who have an interest in the general promotion of safety and health within CSE Corporation. The COMMITTEE is responsible for making recommendations on how to improve safety and health in our workplace, and is charged with the responsibility for defining problems and removing obstacles to accident prevention; the identification of hazards and recommendation of corrective actions; the identification of employee safety training needs and the establishment of accident investigation procedures for our Company.

CSE is proud to announce our SAFETY COMMITTEE is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Department of Labor and Industry – Bureau of Workers' Compensation under the Article X Health and Safety provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act (Act) under Section 1002(b) of the Act.